Monday, November 30, 2009

Day in the Life

I made an office upstairs, and it's my new favorite place in the house. This is where I do most of my computer work, usually in my boxers.

If it's really cold out, I'll have a cigarette break at the window. After sitting at the computer for hours, it gives me 5 minutes to take a break and THINK. This is usually when ideas/solutions pop into my head. It's also really convenient, I don't even have to leave my office! haha

My printer and scanner live up here on the stairs, behind my desk. This may seem like a weird place to put stuff, but that's because the stairs lead up to nowhere.

Doing more work on my wine bottle labels. I'm pretty good with an exacto knife, thank god. I actually kinda enjoy doing meticulous things like cutting.

This was the lighting I set up to test shoot my wine bottle/box in my kitchen. It worked out pretty good.

Later that day, Heath invited me over to his house, and Melanie and Chris were there.

We talked a lot about our projects, and I got to see Heath's wine bottle which is lookin pretty cool.

They liked my wine bottle for the most part, and gave me some tips/suggestions. I loveee when I get to see my classmates outside of class, It's always a ton of fun. We're being pretty silly in these pictures and posing, but we really did talk a ton about our wine bottles.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

wine bottle progress

You can click on these for a larger image.

I'm doing "A to Z" wine. What do you guys think? Please give me criticism! In the final version, all the black letters will be cut out of the paper. I'm trying to decide between this tan paper and a white paper. Both of them are really cool, and have some grain/flecks of color/fiber variations, I really like the "natural looking" papers.

I'm probably going to add a little black hangtag, I think it needs something extra and I think that'll do the trick.

Any tips/advice? What do you think about the square on the back of the bottle with all the little type?