Monday, February 9, 2009

Top Flr - Final Logo Colors

I think I've finally decided to go with the forks logo rather than the chair, just because more people "get it". I also got sick of people(in class) telling me it reminds them of a furniture store. I think both of the logos are clever, but I've decided that with the forks logo I won't have to put the word 'cuisine' or 'restaurant' under it, because it already has that restaurant imagery in it, so I like that. I also like the fact that it includes a lot of imagery without being too much. It's got the abstract staircase, AND forks, which allude to it being a restaurant. While I think the chair is more unexpected and unique it doesn't say restaurant as much. I did like the chair though because it made me feel like Top Flr would be a cozy place to sit down and eat and talk with all of your friends in this lounge type environment(which is exactly what it is). But the "general public" might not get it(I guess). The main point is I like both of them as logos and could go either way, but I've got to choose ONE, right?

My biggest dilemma is the "triangle" that is created by the staircase on the top left, and the idea that it may make the logo feel "uneven".  I'm thinking I will stick with the box one (the one I showed at the pre-critique). I re-posted the logo without the box around it(because Stan said he wanted to see it again), with just the forks, and I think I notice it MORE without the box.  I think the box around it helps to even it out and unify it.  

I tried doing some things to see if it would balance out more, but I really didn't like them! I also realized the "triangle" doesn't really bother me all that much. If you guys read this in time, tell me what you think.  Also tell me what color you would choose out of these!

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  1. On the first page, I like the color for the bottom design. It's more clear compared to the top version. The blue is another choice I would go for the design.

    I actually like the triangle on the last page, where it's on the other side of the forks. It creates applied lines for a staircase rail. Or, for the covering of the bottom of the wall.

    I think you're still in good shape whether you go with the square or not.