Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blog Assign. #4 - Inspiration

While TONS of things inspire me, something I really like looking at is architecture and interior design. It truly is an ART in some cases, and it always amazes me how something something so big can look so amazing while still being functional, and I consider it reallly inspiring to me personally. If i was rich enough, making buildings like this would definitely be one of my hobbies when i was older, haha.

- Level Green Exhibit / J. Mayer H. Architects + Art+Com Berlin - Wolfsburg, Germany

LINK - Ashton Raggatt McDougal (ARM) architects - Melbourne Recital Center, Australia

LINK - Dupli Casa, a private residence by the Neckar river, near the old town of Marbach in South- Western Germany

LINK -Metro Station Drassanes, Barcelona by Eduardo Gutiérrez Munné and Jordi Fernández Río

I wish Marta looked like this! hahaha

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