Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blog Assign. #8 - Checking in with...

Each week I feel like I must check in with..

1. My Blogs.

I've suscribed to countless blogs on graphic design/art in general, which i check out ALL THE TIME. I know we all look at cool art blogs, but I wanted to inform everyone about RSS/Feed readers,(in case you don't know). If you are still typing out the address to the specific blog you want to view, there is a MUCH EASIER way to view all the blogs you like, all at once. What I use is google's reader,, and it's free of course, you just have to sign in to your google account. When you open the reader site, there's a button at the top left that says "add subscription". All you have to do is type your favorite blog's web address into that box, and it will add all your favorite blogs to a list on the left. You can also go further by categorizing them, by subject. It also keeps up with blog posts you've read already, and unread posts, so you don't read the same stuff over again.

Here's a good youtube tutorial:

2. My mom - I also check in with my mom EVERY week. I ask her for advice on everthing(except art related stuff) and she always gives me the best advice. Plus she always wants to know what's going on in my life anyway, so it's easy to talk to her.

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