Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Favorite Logos

1. Families by Herb Lubalin -- This is a very simple logo with clean, readable text, and he's able to make a little family out of the i, the l, and the i, without making it corny or anything.

2. Dialog - I don't remember where I found this, but I saved it because i thought it was very clever, using little dialog bubbles to form the letter g. It's also readable, scalable, and everyone would understand it.

3. Vaio - I've always liked the Sony Vaio logo. It looks very modern and futuristic, which i think is good for a computer company. I think old people may have trouble reading this logo, but I don't think Vaio is being marketed to them, so I don't think Sony should care.

4. Virgin - I think the Virgin records logo is really simple handwritten script, but it still stays "sexy" and "rock & roll" to me, without trying too hard.

5. Cotton - I think the cotton logo is really timeless and extremely clever in making the text and the image of cotton flow together so smoothly.

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