Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Least Favorite Logos

1. Olympics - This is a proposed logo for the 2012 Olympics in London. There's a lot of controversy right now over this logo, and many people are very angry, and with good reason I think. The colors are very bad, and it looks like it's trying to be pop-artsy for no reason. I don't think it says anything about London or the Olympics.

2. Ikea - I think the Ikea logo is really boring and outdated. I don't think it reflects their modern style they're trying to promote. Its also just text inside an oval, which is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to logos.

3. Linux - This is the logo for Linux, a cute little baby penguin. Sometimes I see the penguin with text underneath(which is a little more helpful), but sometimes I see only the penguin. I think some people would have NO IDEA that this penguin would have anything to do with software or computers. I don't think the penguin makes any sense at all, it's like someone just picked a cute baby animal for fun.

4. Nos - This logo has something to do with cars, like a car part or something. Lately, this company has come out with an energy drink that they sell at all the gas stations, and that's when I saw it. This logo takes up the whole front of the energy drink can, and looks really bad next to all the other energy drinks. It doesn't make me think of energy or stamina or power or anything.

5. America Online - This was the old AOL logo. I think it was too complex, and the "online" script just looks weird. The little graphic image above the text should have been taken out or redone. None of it was really a good representation of an internet company in my opinion.

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