Thursday, April 9, 2009

GSU juried show

So on thursday when the submissions were due for the juried GSU art show, i was in the computer lab i was emailing them, and I was sitting next to sarah kim, and she was like, "you know the deadline to email your stuff its at 5 pm, right? And i was like oh crap, because it was 5:30. So I emailed these in at 5:30, hoping they would still take them, but I didn't get an email back! But oh well. Anyway I thought I'd share what i attempted to submit, haha

the first one is a picture of Michael Alig and DJ Keoki from the 80's, that I pulled a "Shepard Fairey" on. The second one is from one of my own photos of my friend Saam. Did these mostly with the pen tool.

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